Adopted Kids
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Adopted Kids
rowdy, sad, happy, sappy, wholesome folk rock n' roll


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Adopted Kids is a collaboration between five talented songwriters and multi-instrumentalists based out of San Antonio, TX. Although this is a fairly new project, Adopted Kids has not been slow to gain traction and acclaim. In only their first few months of performing, the band packed out Halcyon in San Antonio, and Buzz Mill San Marcos with 80+ people all there to see their rowdy performances. Additionally, in August of 2018 they did a residency at Lee’s Taco Garage which was attended by 150+ unique listeners. These incredible performances generated word of mouth that got them booked for the Good Vibrations Music & Arts Festival in September of 2018, where they played for thousands of eager listeners, and opened for amazing national acts Parachute, Kris Allen (American Idol), and Penny & Sparrow.

All prolific musicians, each of the band's members has played in projects that have lead them to play with and alongside incredible acts such as Now, Now, Lonely Horse, Eyes Eat Suns, Ryan Proudfoot, and more. In his previous project (Lowly Servants), lead singer Jonathan Russell sold 300+ tickets to the band’s first show, packing out Limelight in SATX.

Adopted Kids was originally conceived as the solo project of Jonathan Russell. He wrote, recorded, produced, and released a lo-fi demo album in December of 2017 to excellent critical reception. 

"The nostalgic, reverb laced guitar with his vocals sounds great. What I wasn't expecting was the synths which somehow work way more than they should. There is a moment a little after the two-minute mark which may be the most inventive transition on the album." - Dan Weston, Divide & Conquer Music

Upon hearing the stellar songwriting on that record, Jonathan’s good friends Brandon Padier and Will Chappell insisted that he take the project further than just bedroom recordings. With that, as well as the addition of Micah Leaverton, and Cameron Condreay, Adopted Kids was fully formed.

The band will be recording their first full-length release on Flourish Records in November of 2018, and releasing it sometime in January of 2019. 

Adopted Kids is an energetic experience, with lively performances and storytelling, accompanied of course by their setlist going from raucous and jubilant to sweet and balladic. The band has been compared to brilliant artists across a whole musical spectrum, including: Kings of Leon, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Ryan Adams, Dr. Dog, and more.

Adopted Kids is:

Jonathan Russell - Vocals, Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Synth, Keys
Brandon Padier - Vocals, Electric, Acoustic, Keys
Will Chappell - Vocals, Bass, Acoustic, Electric

Cameron Condreay - Drums, Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Micah Leaverton - Vocals, Synths, Keys, Acoustic